The void

Every time a new version of iOS has been announced there is always what feels like a void of any actual activity. It doesn't make sense to put out any app updates because there are such big changes coming soon. My time is better used to keep downloading the Xcode and iOS builds to get my mind in the game and watching / reading all the new stuff from WWDC.  

It feels like we were just getting comfortable with iOS6 and now iOS7 with it's completely different way of thinking has been thrust upon us.  It's a good thing, change is good, it stops us developers from getting completely burnt out.

So what are my priorities for iOS7? 

  1. Notography - This app has received a great response, I have a lot of new features and a whole new design ready for iOS7, it's going to be great!
  2. Defects Collector - I have been wanting to release an update for this for ages! iOS7 will be that time. 
  3. Wicked Freefall! - I really want to make big improvements to this app. May even start from scratch and re-imagine it... i still find it fun but it needs more and it needs modern objective C
  4. Evil Block Company - Not much needs to change, minor improvements. 
  5. ManaSlam - I'd love to re-release this game, my original iOS title that deserves love. 

Early testing of iOS7 have shown positive results and possibilities to improve products. Can't wait to share with you all what I have been working on.