Why developers should start caring about AutoLayout

WWDC this year gave the impression that Apple really wanted to push developers to start building apps with auto-layout. Historically auto-layout has been kind of difficult to use which lead to people hard coding their layout constraints or having fairly static UIs. In iOS7 there have been a lot of improvements which makes auto-layout a lot more appealing. Why should we use it though? 

Apple don't push a particular technology unless they plan for it to be used. We've already heard rumors of a larger screen iPhone later this year and while we all thought it would be up-scaled, it feels now a lot more like it will be expecting apps to have used a responsive design.

It wouldn't surprise me if all apps which don't have auto-layout properly configured will be automatically disabled for download on this device until the issue is resolved. This may seem crazy in the apple environment but it would definitely force developers to start designing their apps for auto-layout.

There are a lot of ways this can go but one thing is for sure, auto-layout deserves a second look if you had previously given up on it.