The quiet part of the year

I don't like keeping users of my products in the dark but there really hasn't been too much to share in the last few months, partly because I needed a break and also because I wanted to concentrate on my day job. I haven't given up on making products though and have been working hard with what time I have to be able to provide you with great products!

Here is an update on where I am at with each product:

Defects Collector - I would love to increase the rate additional features are added to this product but if i was going to do that then I'd have to change it to a subscription based model. Which I don't want to do because there are already products like fulcrum which offer fantastic subscription services and I want this app to stay in the domain of a "pay once" product for easy and fast inspections.

Notography - Big update coming soon, plenty of improvements to take advantage of iOS7. 

 Flood Damage Assessment - This product is now fully owned by Shepherd Services Pty Ltd and it's development can be followed on their website.

My list of outstanding projects hasn't been updated in a while, a few things have changed but I am committed to delivering on schedule.