Notography Updated for iOS7

"Notography" breaks my rule, when designing iOS apps I try to stick to the simple rule of:

"If you can't sum it up in one sentence, it's too complicated"

That said, it is the app I am most excited about. It is artistic, it has flair and it is unique in a way that even if someone tried to copy it, they will probably misinterpret what it is and botch their design.

Notography can't be summed up in one sentence but it is definitely something special and those who understand it, love it.

I feel like I've let a few fans down with the delayed release of patch 2.01, when iOS7 was released it came with unexpected challenges. While it is yet to be confirmed I believe there is a bug in iOS7's AVfoundation framework (the tools used to directly control the camera), specifically it caused memory issues when repeatedly opening the camera, which is a fundamental part of my apps design.

It took a long time and a lot of trial and error to come up with an effective work around for the problem. I am very pleased with the solution I came up with and Notography users can enjoy a faster and more robust experience than ever before.

I'm really excited to share version 2.01 with you, it has been submitted to Apple for review and hopefully will be available sometime within the next week. Thank you for your continued support and my apologies for any issues the delayed release of this patch has caused.


Priority shift

With "Notography" (My latest photography app) we have now reached a stage of doing the final polishing and preparing promotional material for launch, which means I now have time to move back on to updating my previous projects. I don't plan to pick up a new project until "Defects Collector" reaches a point where I am happy with it.

I have a list containing 27 features I want to implement, which is huge! I also want to implement them within the next 2 months, also big. I think I can make this happen though, I really want "Defects Collector" to be a flagship app for our Asset Management section and I believe it has unlimited potential. I believe it can do things that other copycat apps cannot.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me suggestions and comments on this product, now I promise you I will deliver.