Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a moment to extend a very merry christmas to all customers and associates. It has been a fantastic year and I'm really looking forward to next year with my impending 12 month challenge.

What have I been doing so far?

A challenge like this needs a lot of prep work, while I haven't started making any games I have been jotting down a lot of ideas and working on a menu template I can use on all games and also give away as part of the finished bundle.

The menu template will save heaps of time in the process by having game centre, analytics and store kit fully implemented with warning directives to remind me what needs to be done to have it ready to roll out.

I think this will be a good foundation and lets me concentrate on the 12 games rather than the fiddly detail.

I hope to have this menu template complete by the 1st of January so that I can start work straight away in the new year.