The Next Big Thing

We haven't released a new game development or coding course for about a year now and there is good reason for that. In order to provide the best quality content to indie developers and aspiring industry greats sometimes we need to take a moment to review and plan for bigger things.

When I first released a "from start to store" course it was very specifically designed to help developers through each stage of the process but the scale had limits.

What we are working on next is a game development learning package that scales from a single person making iphone apps to an entire team working on a big budget indie game.

Through this process our internal studio "Apptly Creative Games" will be creating a full indie game for release. The accompanying courses will cover everything from business planning through product creation and even marketing / trade shows.

It is going to be huge and the first of its kind. 

How do I keep up to date on this project?

Sign up for the newsletter at the top right of the screen. We never send spam or over promote (I think our last email was over a year ago), we only use it for the most significant events. This will be the place to find out once content has been released.

If you want more regular updates, follow me on twitter: northy179

I'm really excited to be working on this content and to soon bring it to you alongside an exciting new indie game that I'm extremely excited and proud of.