Would you like to make a game?

I wanted to give you a heads up on my latest project, I've watched a lot of video tutorials (in fact, it's my favourite way to learn something new) and I've been somewhat disappointed in the quality of the content and the presentation value.

It's easy to make a simple prototype app to teach people, you can do that within a days work, it's lazy but people still love it because they've never come to expect better.

I don't just want to teach people how to write abstract code, I want to teach people how to build full featured products using best practice coding principles. So 4 months ago I set out on the journey of creating a SpriteKit course that includes everything I wanted to know when I started working with SpriteKit over a year ago.

This course helps you at every step in the process to become a great game developer, it's currently at half price so get it quick. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback. I'm happy to update the course as needed.

Just as a quick heads up, if you can wait this course will soon be available on the CartoonSmart subscription platform. This means you wouldn't just get access to this course, you would have access to many great courses!