Become an iOS gaming master with SpriteKit, SceneKit and GameplayKit

If you haven't yet picked up 2D Games by Tutorials (an amazing book about SpriteKit and GameplayKit that I helped co-author). Then there has never been a better time to check it out with this incredible combo including the new 3D iOS Games by Tutorials.

Learn all about the amazing features of SceneKit and make your own crossy roads style game. Some amazing content for anyone looking to start SceneKit.

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Kickstart your Game Development Journey Today!

It's been almost a year since the original launch of our "iOS / OSX Game Developement in Swift" course, it started at Swift 1.0 and has now made it right through to Swift 2.2 and the addition of tvOS and GameplayKit, wow what a ride.

If you are still on the fence about where to start your game development journey then I have an answer for you. This "Pay what you want" bundle that contains the above mentioned course plus many other fantastic game development videos (over 108 hours in total!).

Available for a limited time only and 10% of all proceeds go to charity, there is no reason not to take part in this incredible experience.

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Want to learn how to include in-app purchases in your apps?

By far the most requested topic on my iOS / OSX game development - start to store course is how to include in-app purchases.

I've taken the feedback and requests and turned them in to a whole new course with 4 super Xcode projects, 2 downloadable flowcharts, 1 quiz and over 2 hours of video explaining everything you need to know from beginner to pro.

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How to Improve your Targeted Marketing

If you were to throw $100 at google or facebook ads using their targeting algorithms and manage to make $120 in product sales, that's good right? You're making more than you are spending thus a positive ROI (Return on Investment).

Well, I don't necessarily agree with that. I often hear entrepreneurs throwing massive dollars at partially targeted marketing and sometimes they make a loss, sometimes they do ok and sometimes the risk really pays off. What if you were to put a little more brain power to the process and stretch your marketing potential a little further?

Find out exact instructions for a proven method within.

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Growth is on the Horizon

It's been almost one full year since I last made a post on this website.

It has been one hell of a busy year with the success of my iOS / OSX game development course and also being a co-author of the amazing iOS / tvOS games by tutorials book.

Right now, my focus is bringing more structured updates to existing content and more frequent release of new content, including this blog. Expect a whole heap of new video courses and a website revamp over the following weeks.

Stay tuned for content and as always I look forward to your feedback!

Would you like to make a game?

I wanted to give you a heads up on my latest project, I've watched a lot of video tutorials (in fact, it's my favourite way to learn something new) and I've been somewhat disappointed in the quality of the content and the presentation value.

It's easy to make a simple prototype app to teach people, you can do that within a days work, it's lazy but people still love it because they've never come to expect better.

I don't just want to teach people how to write abstract code, I want to teach people how to build full featured products using best practice coding principles. So 4 months ago I set out on the journey of creating a SpriteKit course that includes everything I wanted to know when I started working with SpriteKit over a year ago.

This course helps you at every step in the process to become a great game developer, it's currently at half price so get it quick. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback. I'm happy to update the course as needed.

Just as a quick heads up, if you can wait this course will soon be available on the CartoonSmart subscription platform. This means you wouldn't just get access to this course, you would have access to many great courses!